Introdution ONLY FOR users who play Dragon City on Mobile (iOs, Android, Amazon): Token link is a awesome feature to help you get FacebookId and Session with unique link and you must remember that link. Whenever you need to get FacebookId and SessionId, everything you need to do is Open that token link then Ditlep will find FacebookId and SessionId for you. Please checkout this video, how to use it WATCH VIDEO
(Why need email ? You can use email to recover token link)
  • Please See video to see how to use this method Click here to watch
  • Step 1. Select Game
  • Step 2. Go to game by click Dragon City Game Monster Lengend Game (you must login to facebook which account playing game first)
  • Step 3.Copy all scripts here and paste them to your address from step 2 then hit enter (Safari browser doesn't support this way, use Chrome instead):
    Click here to Copy (remove the '#' char after pasted to address)
  • Step 4: Copy everything you see on this page (include facebookId and token)
  • Step 5. Paste all here from step 4
  • Step 6. Click
Delete this Token
{{vm.errorMessage}} {{vm.successMessage}}